5 Easy Steps to Find a Good Domain for your Website

When starting a website, there are a lot of factors to consider such as web hosting, domain name, among others. All these factors must be carefully chosen and decided because all of these can contribute to the success and failure of a website. Choosing a domain name is equally important because this will serve as the address that the computer user type when they are planning to visit the website. Furthermore, the website’s domain name will be providing the very first impression when someone is visiting a website.

For you to be able to come up with the right domain name, we have listed different factors to consider that serve as your guide in choosing a domain name.

Always know your business

Seriously, we can’t preface this enough. You’re the one that makes the big calls and meaningful decisions. Get your company down to its core values, it’s a brand name, and really think about what word or phrase would suit you best.

Originality is important

No one likes a copycat. Or a thief. Using trademarked names is the surefire way of getting yourself flagged or even getting into legal trouble. Our business is yours alone, treat it with respect!

Choose a Domain that makes a good impression

Keep in mind that your domain name doesn’t have to be just your brand name. It’s all about how you use it. In some cases, something creative, like a short catchy phrase, can be beneficial and guarantee that your address will be easy to remember. But sometimes a cluttered phrase can really spell the end for your online presence. Realistically consider how hard it is to remember your preferred domain name idea. Take the giants of the media world: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram – what do they have in common? They’re all really short, catchy and made up of basic words. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from success stories! You should also make sure that whatever you’re doing fits the mood or mission of your project. Might not want to try swinging funny jokes if you’re starting up an animal shelter website.

Know your Top-Level Domains (TLD)

Top-Level Domains are the things that go on the end of the domain name. Like .com or .co.uk. When thinking of your project take the time to get it down to what you want to achieve? Is it local? Then you should use a ccTLD (country-code Top-Level Domain) like .co.uk or .in, depending on what market you’re aiming for. Starting an organization? Use a gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain) like .org. Originally, every TLD was created with a specific use in mind. .com has become a catch-all TLD, but the rest still holds. Do a little bit of research before you decide what TLD fits you best.

Consider SEO for your Domain

If you want your website to be found, you need to learn and implement SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) into your website. Without it, you’ll most likely keep your site in the Google Search Result graveyard (let’s be honest, when was the last time you checked past page three of the results.) With the way Google search engine algorithms work, you’ll be able to include an extra keyword in your domain name. Give yourself the extra edge.

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Choosing a domain name for your website can help in contributing to the success of your website. This is the reason why it is important to have a guide in choosing the right one. We hope that this article can help you in coming up with a domain name that perfect for your website.