How to Access a Smartphone with a Faulty Screen

Google is constantly working to improve their methods of protecting the users’ personal data in Android devices, trying to make sure that no one but the owner can access this data.


One of these security tools is the requirement to enter data from the previous Google account, if the device was reset to factory settings, not from the menu, but, for example, via the “recovery” mode. Today I want to talk not about how much Google has succeeded in this field, but rather about those situations when this security is a hindrance to the user. No, we are not going to hack through this security measure, although it is technically possible. This post is about what to do when it is difficult or nearly impossible to enter the previous account’s data.


This situation may arise, for example, when you want to sell your Android device with a faulty display or touchscreen for spare parts or for recovery. Especially relevant is the situation with the current Samsung S-series devices, since replacing the screen in those can cost almost as much as a used phone of the same model. Read more

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